About 2R

2R Inspection & Quality Services is an international company to provide entire inspection and quality services.  2R was founded in 2006 and since that time covered a wide range of inspection services all over the world

2R  approved by Iran National Standard Organization and the Central Bank and present all kinds of Inspection services, regarding oil, gas, petrochemical, industrial, chemical and mineral equipment, foodstuff, Vegetable oil and Automation parts with the participation of 2R SRL Company located in Italy.

At the present, 2R Inspection & Quality Services Company has contracted in Manufacturing, Installation, Operation & Pre-Shipment Inspection services with many great companies, such as, Iran National Iranian Drilling Company(NIDC), Iran Petrochemical Companies, South Pars Gas Company(NPC), The National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), The National Iranian Gas Company , The National Iranian Copper Company (NICC), Refineries in both public and private sectors, and many NIOC subcontractors .

We are also in contract with thousands of local and international suppliers for Import/Export inspection service and certification.

2R Inspection Company has great experiences with many countries, such as:
UAE, Qatar, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Turkey, America, Canada, France, Italy, India, UK, Germany, England, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and South Africa.


As indicated in 2R Global Services our eligible inspection team in cooperation with the headquarters provides a variety of inspection services to customers in a different location of the world

We Survey quality of goods, services, and processes as TPI (Third Party Inspector) and also QC partner in different industrial fields such as:

  • Technical Inspection Services in industrial plant particularly Oil & Gas industry (Offshore/Onshore)
  • Drilling and Extraction, Rigs inspection, EMI
  • Petrochemical, Power Plants, Marine, Metal and Mineral Industries
  • Inspection of plants under Operation-Maintenance and/or Overhaul
  • NDT, Welding and Corrosion Inspection,
  • Material & Goods Inspection and Testing during production (DPI)
  • Inspection of machinery and production lines (QC, QA),
  • Cathodic Protection Evaluation
  • RBI (Risk Based inspection)
  • Price Verification
  • Factory audit to determine if a supplier or vendor conforms with the required business standards

2R teams also provide inspection consultancy to set out and plan inspection and test plans (ITP) to reach optimum and cost-effective services.

2R also provide Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) and Verification of Conformity in accordance with Central Bank of Iran(CBI) and Iran Standard regulations.

2R is confirmed by Iran National Standard Organization and the Central Bank and in contract with different customers and companies in various fields of activity including Industrial Equipment, Chemical Material & Polymers, Metals and Alloys, Automobile and Motorcycle parts, Electrical and Control Systems, food industries.  (see more in Services)