2R provides expert inspection teams for the site and plant inspection in different industrial fields such as oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical plants, metallurgical and mineral industries and power plants and water purification plants and also special team for drilling rigs and its components.

Inspection services can be arranged in different stages of Construction, Operation, and Maintenance of industrial plants.

Also for plant Dismantling and Relocation projects, 2R is experienced to provide consultancy and technical services related to inspection in origin plant and installation of items in a new location.

Different technical sections which should be supposed to be scheduled can be listed as below:

  • Vessels, tanks, boilers & heat exchangers
  • Piping, pipeline & wellhead facilities
  • Valves & fittings
  • Rotary equipment: turbine, pumps, compressors
  • Columns and towers
  • Internal & external insulation coatings & concrete
  • Instrumentation and electrical equipment
  • Cranes & Hoists

Above mentioned services can cover all the below items:

  • Document review and verification of raw material
  • Visual and dimensional inspection
  • Heat treatment and nondestructive tests (NDT)
  • Review of WPS, PQR & WPQ
  • Witness for hydrostatic or pneumatic test
  • Electrical inspection
  • Corrosion control, test, and cathodic protection monitoring
  • Laboratory tests such as chemical analysis, mechanical and destructive tests & coating tests


Nondestructive tests

By using modern electronic instruments, 2R is qualified and technically actives in all common fields of NDT at constructional stages and in-service inspection of equipment. These tests are categorized as follows:

  • Industrial radiography test (X-ray & Ɣ-ray)
  • Magnetic particle test
  • Eddy current test
  • Ultrasonic test
  • Leak test
  • Dye penetrate test

In order to meet the client’s needs, 2R also provides advanced NDT methods such as below:

  • Acoustic emission
  • Automatic ultrasonic testing
  • TOFD (Time Of Flight Diffraction)
  • Phased array
  • ACFM (Alternative Current Field Measurement)
  • Guided wave test